Inclusive and diverse digital self-expression through your eyes

Self-expression in the digital can enable global audiences to explore their identity without boundaries. But platforms still have plenty of limitations, most come from lack of diverse thinking, bias, preconceptions. To raise awareness of a more diverse digital landscape and embrace more accessible and democratic ways for digital self expression, we created the campaign, "OUR WORLD" . We invite creatives worldwide to reimagine what could and should this limitless, democratic, inclusive and diverse landscape look like, through the power of digital fashion design.

Join Chapter 1, our competition for digital fashion designers, submit looks that we can implement in GN3RA for the world to customize.
Read our manual for more details on the campaign and the upcoming Chapters.


  • 1 Grand Prize of  £1000
  • 9 GN3RA Prize of £100

If we select your look for implementation, you will get to share your design talent with the world, while we will

  • Introduce you and your work, including social media & influencer promotions (we are onboarding some really cool advocates relevant to the theme)
  • Create a special showcase space promoting your work in Spatial.io
  • Share royalties (unlockables, third party trading)


Create a 3D look that responds to the theme of OUR WORLD - inclusive and diverse digital representation through 3D wearables


  1. Please download one of our 3D avatars as base to work on from here
  2. GN3RA currently prioritizes looks consisting of “outfits” - please focus on a combination of top / bottom / full body creations, including abstract solutions. We can try and implement accessories too if there is capacity and time, feel free to send it along your “looks” if relevant.


  1. Preferred format: low poly (max 7K triangles in total, whole look) with baked normals from the high poly look. If relevant, detail map is welcomed too. Albedo not needed as it is going to be redesigned in GN3RA). Share original file too (.zprj / .obj / .fbx)
  2. We accept .zprj / .obj / .fbx files too without optimisation, but low poly assets will be prioritized


  • Files (low or high poly) adhering to technical details
  • Your bio, and the story behind the inspiration for your design
  • Instagram and Twitter profiles

Send all materials to partnerships@gn3ra.io by May 26th

Share your design process and submission on Instagram Stories and tag @gn3ra.

All submitted work must be produced by you or have the necessary permissions for use. You can submit as many items as you want, and you are free to create any type of garment you desire. Let your creativity shine and share your vision with the world!

Please find more information here including theme and timeline.